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complete oasis system

Oasis Compac is as easy as saying "One, Two, Three" 

  1. Oasis Compac is incredibly easy to use because the automatic dispensing system prepares the product when you need it.
  2. The cleaning concentrate is diluted and dosed automatically, so there is no need to mix or measure anything, which removes waste of products.
  3. The shape and color coding save time, eliminate the misuse of the product and give safety to your employee.


smaller containers


Full support for training and maintenance

Ecolab Oasis compac system is supported by easy to use training material, including multilingual videos, posters and more.

Color-coded labels shorten training time and ensure exact use of the product for the right job.

The Cleaning Depot will regularly schedule service visits and provide ongoing support.


bottles with lables


For More information, contact :

The Cleaning Depot

San Ignacio, Belize  824-3010; 610-3015



Oasis compac is an integrated cleaning system that presents a complete line of concentrated products developed to meet all of your cleaning needs.

  • Glass 
  • Mosaics and Tiles
  • Marble
  • Floors
  • Desks
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Walls
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Contact Surfaces     

Compac dispensers are space-saving and allow for a variety of flexible work environments.

Concentrated high-performance formulas produce up to five times more than the ready to use products of common cleaners.










bottom of dispenser




The compact 2 Liter product containers require little space and eliminate clutter in the cleaning storage room.

Its concentrated formula makes it unnecessary to throw away bulky containers for cleaning products.




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