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 Did you know that on the average faucet handle,

        there are 229,000 germs per square inch?

Hand Washing greatly reduces the spread of illness.

To help combat swine flu in Belize, we are providing free downloadable hand wash signs for your business... complements of The Cleaning Depot.

Just print and laminate.

Hand Wash Sign # 1

Hand Wash Sign # 2

Hand Wash Sign # 3

Hand Wash Sign # 4

Hand Wash Sign # 5

Hand Wash Sign # 6

Clean hands

Download cleanhands.pdf

Be a Germ-Buster

Download GermBuster.pdf

Hand wash Proceedure

Download proceedure.pdf

Sanitize your hands

Download sanitizehands.pdf

Did you Wash-Em?

Download Wash_em.pdf

Clean Your Hands

Download washhands.pdf

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